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Thứ Sáu, 10 tháng 3, 2017

Opportunity to have an intership in Spain for Saigontech students

On August 15th, a cooperation agreement of exchanging intern between SaigonTech and Magister University (Spain) was signed successfully. According to this agreement, both schools will support partner’s students to find a company and accommodation in their internship. SaigonTech students can make friends and study with Spanish students, who are learning English teaching, and seek a chance of having an internship in Spain.

Bring the fourth most popular language in the world to SaigonTech

Do you know why Spanish is the main foreign language taught in American schools? Because of the fourth largest number of speakers in the world as well as the potential 79 Spanish-speaking economics. Besides English, Spanish will be very useful for your future life and career.

Specialized in language teaching, Magister students are fully qualified to teach Spanish to students who are interested in this language or who are preparing for their internship in Spain.

Get ready for your internship in Spain

SaigonTech students are going to have a new option in the international internship program in future. You will be able to have your internship in Spain with the support of both SaigonTech and Magister. More details about Spain internship program will be revealed when the internship environment study is completed. We are actively preparing for your trip. Do you feel excited, Techies?

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