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Thứ Sáu, 8 tháng 9, 2017


In the occasion of French National Day (14.7.1789 – 14.7.2017), in the morning of July 13th 2017, SaigonTech Student Office organized a workshop with the topic: ‘Differences in culture of international working environment with the participation of Mr. Xavier Malparty and Mr. Duy Phuc Vo – Managers of Amaris Company – a leading IT French company in Vietnam.
These two experts had pointed out the specialties of an international working environment, difficulties in working in multi-culture and language environment as well as experiences and tips to overcome the very first obstacles and get on well with more working efficiency in an international environment.
Mr. Xavier Malparty – IT manager and Mr. Duy Phuc Vo – Software Development Manager was sharing at the workshop.
To have a position in a foreign company, a multi-national group has always been a dream of Vietnamese young students. That is the reason why you students need to understand the special characteristics of each international working environment to easily fit in. This kind of working environment is an open one with flexibility and rapid working procedure in which the involved ones should have skill to make a decision quickly and in time. There, students need to be creative, willing to upgrade to catch up with the development as well as active, positive working mind and problem-solving skill.
Some specialties of an International working environment
Via the hilarious situations that Mr. Malparty Mr. Duy Phuc Vo shared, SaigonTech students somehow acknowledged the obstacles they would have to overcome when they are a part of an international working environment.
The differences in pronunciation and behavioral culture would be invisible barriers that made students become self-deprecating and bad working efficiency.
Students were noting down with high focus and excitement.
Besides, our experts also shared their tips to solve their own problems and their methods to adapt themselves into international environment. To do that, students should have self-learning attitude and never hesitate to make a question to understand correctly other people’s words. More importantly, students should accept culture gap and put more effort to communicate and well connect with the working environment by participating in as many team building activities as possible.
Guests were sharing their own obstacles when working internationally.
Before the workshop ended, our guest speakers did deliver some important contribution to help students figuring out their advantages when going to a professional interview.

Many interesting questions were made and solved thoroughly
Hopefully, this workshop did bring SaigonTech students useful knowledge, especially Business students, to become more confident and ready for an upcoming internship program in France and the whole big career path in the future.
Representatives from SaigonTech Student Office granted honor gifts to the guest speakers
And Saigontech students, please be awaiting because there will be so many meaningful activities with more successful and famous speakers ahead!

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